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Dr. Alain Veilleux

Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences at Université Laval.

Photo Alain VeilleuxAlain Veilleux conducted his graduate studies on insulin signaling and on the cellular and hormonal aspects regulating fat distribution at Université Laval (2007 and 2011). He then performed a postdoctoral research fellowship at Université de Montréal on lipid metabolism in the small intestine of individuals with obesity and type 2 diabetes (2014). Dr. Veilleux joins University Laval in 2015 as an assistant professor at the School of Nutrition. Dr. Veilleux is a member of the Nutrition, Health and Society Centre (NUTRISS) and of the Institute on Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF).

Dr. Veilleux's laboratory is located at INAF and his current interests mainly concern the role of the small intestine in the development of metabolic complications in individuals with insulin resistance and obesity. His work aims to elucidate the factors and the mechanisms of the small intestine microenvironment involved in the development of metabolic dysfunctions in this organ. He advocates a translational approach, combining mouse and human intestinal tissue samples, primary cell culture and cohort studies, to study the interrelation between the intestinal microbiota and endocannabinoidome in metabolic health, specifically in the small intestine.
418 656-2131 ext. 405108

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  • Sophie Castonguay-Paradis, Ph.D. student
  • Briscia Anaid Tinoco, Ph.D. student
  • Gabrielle St-Arnaud, Ph.D. student
  • Tristan Rocheleau, M.Sc. student

  • Bénédicte Allam-Ndoul, postdoctoral fellow
  • Florent Pechereau, Ph.D. student