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Dr. Frédéric Raymond

Professor at the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences of Université Laval.

Frédéric Raymond obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology at Université Laval in 2002, his Master’s in Microbiology-Immunology in 2004 and his PhD in Physiology-Endocrinology in 2011. His postdoctoral work revealed key factors that influence the impact of antibiotics on the gut microbiome. Indeed, his work showed that the initial composition of the gut microbiome affected the impact of the antibiotic on resulting microbiome composition. Frédéric Raymond is assistant professor at École de Nutrition de l’Université Laval since 2018. He is associated to the NUTRISS centre (Nutrition, santé et société) and is a member of the Institut sur la nutrition et les aliments fonctionnels (INAF).

Professor Raymond is both a microbiologist and a bioinformatician. His research aims to understand the relationship between the gut microbiome and the host through the study of microorganisms and the metabolites they produce, with special attention given to the endocannabinoid system and metabolic health. His team combines genomics to artificial intelligence to better understand these complex systems.
418 656-2131 ext. 402529

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  • Fredy Alexander Guevara-Agudelo, PhD candidate
  • Isabelle B. Julien, PhD candidate
  • Loubna Amzil, PhD candidate
  • Meredith-Elizabeth Gill, PhD candidate
  • Éléonore Cormier, MSc student

  • Afaf Hadjer Kherief, PhD candidate
  • Fabiola Forteza, MSc
  • Thomas Deschênes, MSc