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Call for applications-Postdoctoral fellowship


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Research environment: CERC Microbiome-Endocannabinoidome at Université Laval, Dr. Di Marzo (MEND)
Institut sur la Nutrition et les Aliments Fonctionnels (INAF)

Starting date: Summer 2023 or fall 2023

Project title: Systems biology applied to the microbiome and the endocannabinoid system.

Description of the project:

The Canada Excellence Research Chair on the Microbiome-Endocannabinoidome Axis in Metabolic Health aims to better understand the interaction between diet, gut microbiota, the endocannabinoidome and metabolic health. Over the years, many projects have been carried out by our team, generating sequencing, gene expression and metabolomics data from several nutritional intervention studies or animal models. The aim of this project is to integrate and valorise these data using statistical, bioinformatics, systems biology or artificial intelligence methods to better understand the relationship between the microbiome-endocannabinoidome axis in metabolic health. This is a real playground for the data analysis enthusiast!

The candidate will work under the supervision of the CERC-MEND Chair, Professor Di Marzo, as well as other faculty associated with the CERC-MEND.

Specific pre-requisites:

  • Disciplines sought: Bioinformatics, computer science, statistics, mathematics. We will consider other backgrounds such as biology, microbiology, biochemistry, nutrition, chemistry or other if you have data analysis skills.
  • Knowledge of bioinformatics, statistical methods, data analysis or machine learning required.
  • Dynamic, rigorous and resourceful candidate.


Salary for a postdoctoral fellowship is established at $45 000/year + fringe benefits. The candidate will be encouraged to apply to funding opportunities from national and international funding agencies.

Contact information:

Frédéric Raymond
Assistant professor
École de nutrition
Université Laval